Often Older or even Brand New Appliances fail and can leak water all over you Kitchen, Laundry, or Bath. In many cases if this is a new appliance your installer will have insurance that covers such incidence. We have worked with many Clients to make sure their best interest is being protected in these Situations. Other times your homeowners insurance will cover the damages if it is an existing appliance which causes the damage. Please keep in mind your homeowners Insurance will not Cover the appliance itself, only the damage caused by the faulty appliance.  After you or your installer make a claim you will have the option to choose what mitigation company you want to choose. Choosing us over the Industry powerhouse’s Like All-Clean or Servapro has several advantages.

First of All we are Contractors who are licensed to do Mitigation through IICRC organization as to where other Companies are mitigation companies who are in the mitigation business and if you hire them to do repairs will only sub it out to other companies. We approach drying out your project from a construction standpoint and do what makes the most sense from a construction perspective. Some companies will only do what makes the most money and will tear your home apart because the more they tear out the more they get paid. This is an industry secret that none of the other companies will share with you but we will.

Call us if you have any mitigation needs; Water, Fire, Smoke…. We are professional and we handle it all; Moving & Storage, Inventory, Cleaning, Water Extraction, and most of all Reconstruction/Construction. We will walk you through the entire process all while working closely with your insurance company to make sure your needs are met.